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The meeting of the PTA was called to order at 5:08 by Kathy Sweeny, Co-President- We would like to thank Superintendent Ruiz, principal Fazio and assistant principal Lynch for joining us tonight. 


Approval of last general meeting’s minutes presented by Recording Secretary, Christina Vincent. They were approved by Angela Rella and Jackie Leonard


Treasurer’s Report:  

•    The balance in the account is: a little over $16k. Treasurer, Nicole DiStefano stated money will be spent on Family Bingo night as these are give backs from the PTA. 


Correspondence Report: 

1st Vice President, Marisa Kowalski:

•    PARP was great! Thank you to members of the community who read & the mystery readers. Raised over $6k from the read-a-thon which will sponsor an author visit in December. The top readers from read-a-thon will get a book autographed!

2nd Vice President, Angela Rella:

•    The book fair is open immediately following this meeting (5:30-7) for parents to shop with their child. 

•    The students all planted tulips in front of the school a few weeks ago

•    We had our first Fall Mum Sale which was a HUGE success, and we will be doing it again next year!

•    Mom’s Night Out was so much fun- thank you to everyone who came we had a blast with you! We will be having another event in the Spring. 

•    Pumpkin Patch & Haunted Hallway were 2 more successful events that the kids really enjoyed and we enjoyed doing!Thank you to Conkel for the pumpkins

•    Holiday Fair will be December 7th and 8th. **VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY** Please sign up! 




  Corresponding Secretary, Dana Laffey:

•    We would like to thank Angela Rella and Christina Vincent for the Book Fair, Victoria Cummings, Nicole Schaffer, and Marisa Kowalski for PARP.

•    We currently have 299 members on the PTA- the most we have had in over 6 years! We will be raffling off a prize once we get to 325 members.

•    If you would like to o be part of our email list and be informed of all events, please become a member and add to your contacts and add as a favorite in your email. 

•    Friendship books have been sent out-if you notice a problem or your information is wrong please contact and we will fix it right away. 

•    We will be selling our spirit wear at all events going forward. You can purchase what we have or place a new order- (Spiritwear chair Michelle Vincent added that right now the site is offering 20% off and free shipping over $75)



Assistant Principal Lynch:

•    This year for unity day, the children colored in a unity doll representing themselves and we hung them all over the school. This was a great way for the students to celebrate all different cultures! It was a great project that we will be doing again next year. 

Principal Fazio:

•    Wednesday November 23rd is an early dismissal. The students will be dismissed 15 minutes early at 2:30. There will still be SLP! 

•    The JLCS PTA is working together with FPBS PTA on an assembly called Don’t Press Send which is about internet safety. The students will see the assembly at their own schools on 12/7 during the day and then it will be in the evening at FPBS for PARENTS to attend. 

•    I want to thank the administration for all of their hard work

•    November 30th- meet and greet with administration at FPBS

•    Thank you to the PTA and all of the volunteers

•    Happy Thanksgiving!


PTA President’s Report:

New Business: 

•    Important Dates:

o    Our next PTA General meeting is Thursday, February 9th at 7pm.

o    Picture retake day is December 1st

o    Holiday Fair December 7&8th – we will be looking for volunteers

o    Mets game May 5th – will be out with ticket info shortly

o    January will be our boosterthon fun run!



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                    PTA Board 2022/2023

Co:Presidents- Kathy Sweeney & Jackie Leonard 1st Vice President – Marisa Kowalski    2nd Vice President- Angela Rella   3Rd Vice President – Liz Santos Treasurer – Nicole DeStefano Recording Secretary – Christina Vincent           Corresponding Secretary – Dana Laffey    

The meeting was adjourned at 5:28 by Co-Presidents: Kathy Sweeny & Jackie Leonard

Submitted and typed by Christina Vincent.

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