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The meeting of the PTA was called to order at 5:56 by Kathy Sweeny, Co-President

Approval of last general meeting’s minutes presented by Recording Secretary, Christina Vincent. They

were approved by Angela Rella and Dana Laffey

Treasurer’s Report:  

 The balance in the account is: a little over $41k- We will be spending $15-20k on end of year

activities leaving us with a good healthy balance for the 2023-2024 school year.

Correspondence Report: 

Co-Preseident, Kathy Sweeny and Co-VP Angela Rella:

 Upcoming events: Plant sale- sign up on sing up sign up genius to volunteer for your childs class

time. Please commit to the hour time slot as we need lots of help. You will not be allowed in the

building unless you are on the sign up genius. All Plant sale orders are in. Spirit wear will be

available to purchase during plant sale.

 Met Game 5/5- We are not buying tickets back- If you can’t attend anymore you can let us know

and we can see if anyone needs, or you can sell them yourself—PTA is paying for the chorus

tshirts this year.

 Picture day 5/18

 Volunteer appreciation night at Fallons with be 5/16- this year it isn’t just for chairpersons, it will

for ALL of our PT volunteers. You will get an invite in your e-mail.


  Corresponding Secretary, Dana Laffey:


 The Nominations for the 2023-2024 school year were sent via e-mail to and are the following:

Presidents- Marisa Kowalski & Liz Santos

Vice Presidents- Angela Rella, Dana Laffey, and Jackie Leonard

Corresponding Secretary – Christina Vincent

Recording Secretary- Nicole DeStefano

Treasurer- Elysia Murphy


Meeting was ended at 6:04 pm.


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                    PTA Board 2022/2023

Co:Presidents- Kathy Sweeney & Jackie Leonard 1 st Vice President – Marisa Kowalski    2 nd Vice

President- Angela Rella   3 Rd Vice President – Liz Santos Treasurer – Nicole DeStefano Recording

Secretary – Christina Vincent          Corresponding Secretary – Dana Laffey   

The meeting was adjourned at 5:28 by Co-Presidents: Kathy Sweeny & Jackie Leonard

Submitted and typed by Christina Vincent.


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